His new work follows coherently his musical history. Osvaldo leads us through innovative sounds and dares to travel along different paths from those he's known for.  He refuses to stay within the comfort of the familiar, and takes risks to create links between the traditional and the modern,  to impart a message which spans generations.
Because, without a doubt, what is most important in Osvaldo's work is what he wants to say to us through the lyrics of his songs, and it is these words which allow his work to transcend the merely "artistic" and reach deep into the concerns of his people, and of all our peoples:  the causes and struggle are those of a continent and all those who suffer on our planet.
Today, as yesterday, everything and everyone fit into his "minimal, profound" world.  No one is left out; we are all brought together.  To enter, we need only need to keep our minds and our hearts open and let Osvaldo sow the seeds of hope that other worlds and realities are possible, that rage should never strip us of happiness.  And that we should always dare to dream, to love and to find each other.

Juan Pablo Guevara (Publico-Pueblo) - Santiago Chile - November 2014
If there is something for which we must thank Osvaldo Torres, it is his capacity to surprise us while staying true to himself.  Various decades have gone by since his time in Quilmay and Illapu and the beginning of his career as a soloist.  Latin America and Europe have been able to witness his creations and the many forms his art has taken.
His dedication to the rescue of northern Andean culture, social justice, resistance to the dictatorship and, above all, his love for humanity have been present in all of his work.  And this is what led him to present us Mimundominimoprofundo ( All together) his most recent production, accompanied by first class musicians, among whom the  participation of Silvia Balducci, an Italian singer and guitarist stands out.  Silvia has been able to capture the essence of Osvaldo's work and her voice gives it even greater impact. 
This isn't the sort of music you play as background while immersed in other daily tasks.    It's necessary to stop and pause while Osvaldo's poetry flows over and through us, leads us into his "profound and minimal" world, and leaves us wondering about today's causes, which are, in so many ways, the same ones that inspired us in the past.
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